Our Services

All the services below are 3 hours sessions in person with your ShareStylist in London.



Loads of clothes but nothing to wear? We all know how it feels when the clothes you have just aren’t working for you. Time for a Wardrobe Detox! One of our expert stylists will come to your home and help you to make the most of what’s already in your wardrobe. Sort through your clothes together and learn which colours and shapes suit you best, which items to cut, which to keep, new outfit combinations and inspiration for what you might want to buy next. At the end, you’ll have the outfits and know-how to look and feel your best.


Can’t find clothes that work for you? Update your style and find new clothes that really bring out your best. Take a shopping trip with your ShareStylist and buy only the pieces and colours that suit your personal style. They’ll guide you through shops you know and show you some you don't, both on and offline, while treating you like a VIP. Finding quiet changing areas and grabbing sizes for you. You’ll learn how to shop for your body shape and how to style what you buy. No budget too small, this is all about giving you the confidence that comes from working your own style.


What you wear to work counts. It not only influences how others see you, it influences how you feel and perform. Whether you’re starting a new job or looking to take that next step, your ShareStylist will help you transform your professional-self with outfits that represent your personal brand, reinforce your skills, and help give you confidence at work. After chatting about where you work with your stylist, you’ll either review what you already have or go straight to the shops. 


Whether it's starting from scratch with a mood-board and identifying potential new furniture, or simply suggesting some new paint colours and working with what you have, your ShareStylist can fit around your needs.


Get some expert help on how to better style your home. Working with what you have, your designer will suggest the best room arrangements and offer inspiration and tips for what you could do to take it to the next level.


Get expert design help with a bigger interiors project to make sure you get all those essential decisions spot on. Your designer will help you with the many important interior design questions that need to be considered when you are re-decorating, converting or extending. You could chat at the start of your project about what you want to achieve, discuss different ideas and create a moodboard to guide you. Or perhaps want someone to come and advise you on those final design decisions. Either way, with a little help from a ShareStylist, you can get the confidence and guidance to make sure it turns out just the way you hoped.


Capture those moments you'll want to keep revisiting with professional quality photos. From weddings and big birthdays, to anniversaies and other special occasions.


Family photos make a lovely gift or keepsake. Your ShareStyle photographer will come to your home, or a venue of your choosing, to take pictures that you will treasure forever.


Need some professional shots for your business? Whether you're hosting an event you would like to promote, have a new range of products, or a look-book you need to shoot, get photos that will make a valuable difference.